Honey with a spicy kick made for drizzling on all your favorite foods!

Honey infused with chili pepper

Originated in Brazile, popilarized in America and perfected in the Netherlands. Blaze Hot Honey is the perfect blend between the sweetness of honey and the spiciness of chili peppers. This blazin’ sauce is pizza’s best friend and will enhance every dish you can imagine.

Drizzle The Blaze

Hot Honey made for drizzling! Drizzle The Blaze and give your dish the sweet and spicy kick it needs. Add Blaze Hot Honey to Pizza, Chicken, Ribs, Fish, Waffles and everything else!! Visit us on our Instagram and share your favorite hot honey creations with us!

100% All Natural

Blaze Hot Honey is made with pure flower honey sourced from only the best local beekeepers. For our sweet heat infusion, we use handpicked and freshly ground chili peppers and add NO sugar, NO preservatives and NO vinegar. This ensures the best quality product and a perfectly balanced sweet and spicy taste. 

Need more Inspiration?

Try Blaze Hot Honey on the following dishes and visit us on instagram for your daily dose of hot honey inspiration.

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